The Story and the Hero

The builder genre. You have probably already setup your expectations around what it should have; building, some economic management, and possible conflict (natural or unnatural). The default thoughts normally end there, the rest starts to become "I remember this one thing I liked that would be cool", or "I wish it had this too!" Those were... Continue Reading →

Walls, gates, and other defenses

Kinship will not be a walk in the park, dangers await you at every turn. While Kinship is a builder and not a true RTS game, we still want to bring in some RTS elements for the combat system. To help you survive and thrive in the world, defensive buildings will give you several ways... Continue Reading →

Tricky UI

The HUD part of the UI has really been an iterative process. The first samples were so basic, it slightly hurts to think about it. However, baring with the iterations was truly a need. The UI may not be what you envision, but that's not the most critic part when starting. That is our thought.... Continue Reading →

Data Layers

I am a data fanatic; I love data! I love data in games even more. Even thought most games are basically simulations, not many surface the data to the end user in a way that is meaningful and beautiful! There are a few exceptions of course, and my favorite is Sim City circa 2013. Intersection... Continue Reading →

Flow Like Water

The water is one of the most visually intriguing aspects of Kinship. Unfortunately, reflections, refraction, multi-light calcs and so on really takes a hit to performance of some machines. To alleviate this, we've setup 3 different water quality levels in game. This should allow you to enjoy the water even on low end machines.

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